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WarmFörm Progress 2019

Here are a few progress images from the 2019 building season. Currently deliveries have left the factory for builds going on in Maine, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New York & New Hampshire. The formwork arrives from WarmFörm, stacked on pallets. The installation

Learning from Bygg

The following is cross posted from Mitch Mead, a University of Michigan student who is (and I’m not making this up) Majoring in Economics / Architecture and Swedish. Bygghouse & the Swedish Women’s Education Association have underwritten a travel scholarship

In Praise of Swedish Work Clothes

In 1972 Matti Viio worked as an electrician— first building high-tension lines and then installing domestic and industrial wiring. He found the clothes that workers wore insufficient for his needs, and he suggested modifications. But no one listened. No one

Paper on Swedish Wall Element Construction

Greg and I are often asked to explain how “closed walls” are built in Sweden, often the focus on these questions is oriented around “automation”, and while it is true that automation is used to build wall elements in Sweden,

Butterfly Tables land in the Motor City

Last week Phoenix Haus, took delivery of four, 9 meter wall framing tables from Randek.  The tables are the BS20 “workhorse” that is found throughout Scandinavia providing an ergonomic solution to support panelized wall panel production in a small shop setting.  The

WarmFörm FÖB!

Bygghouse hopes these sorts of images will not be worth posting in the near future, but commercializing a building technology, and the growing pains of a building product manufacturing and sales operation in North America is a thankless task! So

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Competition in Housing: The Ultimate Swedish House Factory Commercial

We’ve been busy here at Bygghouse arranging some travel to Sweden for several clients, and in doing this we’ve had an excuse to check over the never ending flow of interesting marketing and advertising work being done by the companies

ByggHouse & Randek AB at BCMC14

ByggHouse at the Building Component Manufacturer’s Conference 2014 with Randek AB, maker of tools for industrial production of houses.

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Instinct for Insulation: apparently its learned

This blog post is mainly here for the benefit of our readers in Scandinavia, who generally can not, I’ve found, wrap their head around the state of insulation in American houses.  In our experience the situation is comically incomprehensible, and

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