Bygghouse is a building technology company focused on commercializing Scandinavian approaches to energy performance in buildings.

Our Mission

“Coming in From the Cold” (1985) was the first published work to recognise how builders in Sweden had improved the overall average energy performance of housing. Bygghouse exists to translate these construction ideas into products and systems that work for American and Canadian builders.

We Are

Scott Hedges
Principal at Bygghouse, works closely with the homebuilding industry in the field of industrialized construction. He has lived in Sweden for several years and worked as a carpenter there, as well as in joinery and cabinet shops in New England. He worked as the North American Sales Agent for Randek AB from 2014-2018 and helped accomplish record sales growth. He has a Master’s Degree from Yale School of Environmental Studies and a BS in Ecology from the Forestry School at University of Maine.
Greg La Vardera
Co-Founder of Bygghouse LLC, Greg has been a solo architecture practitioner at his own studio, located in Merchantville, NJ since 1994, with unique experience in the design of homes as product through his offerings of modern home plans. He is trained in Building Science and Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Joe Alligood
You have to know how to put a house together before you start giving out advice on how to put a house together. Joe’s got that covered for us. He understands the problems that ByggHouse is trying to solve for you, because he’s had them too.