WarmFörm Progress 2019

Here are a few progress images from the 2019 building season.

Currently deliveries have left the factory for builds going on in Maine, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New York & New Hampshire.

The formwork arrives from WarmFörm, stacked on pallets. The installation of the formwork takes 2 men a couple days & compared to staking, lumping & stripping form boards and for non insulated methods, is super easy – the resulting slab is extremely accurate and the stemwall is ready to back-fill immediately. No waste, less labor … savings.

Another Delivery … this one in Maine!

The other fantastic thing about building a shallow foundation in a cold climate is that the construction of the driveway and the footing pad are more or less the same process – here we see that instead of digging a basement or frost footing in order to go below frost, that the house will rise on well drained pad. This site is extremely tidy and neat. Only the organic soil is moved, and that is retained and used on top of the existing soil where it will meet the frost proof insulated pad. The machines are all working from inside the footprint of the fill and driveway … in this case the homeowner is saving thousands of dollars, and shaving weeks of work … big advantage! No basement & a warm and dry floor!