ByggStik – Faster Bracing, Accurate Adjustment

Fast Bracing & Easy Adjustment for Building Component Assembly

ByggStik was developed specifically for working with high value building components and rapid building assembly. It is the perfect brace for SIPs, CLT, and other modern forms of construction.

It is a tool widely used in Scandinavian construction sites for bracing and plumbing of wall elements for factory made houses and buildings.

The foot on both ends of ByggStik has 180° movement to allow the bracing angle to vary. ByggStik can be staged in advance, pivoted out of the way during setting operations, and quickly pivoted into place to brace the panels.

Once braced ByggStik allows easy adjustment to plumb and align building elements. When adjusting a wall element you simply rotate ByggStik with one hand. This leaves your other hand free to use a framing level ensure your element is plumb.

ByggStik is available in:
Model 70:
Length: 2.1–3.2m (6’–10“ – 10’–6”)
Fine Adjustment: 30cm (1’) Weight: 6kg (13.2 lbs)
Sold in Bundles of 5 units, $415.00 USD

To order: email us with the quantity and your shipping destination, and we will provide a quote.

ByggStik 70
ByggStik 70 – ($93.00ea)

ByggStik makes setting Faster & Easier

ByggStik Braces
ByggStik braces go in place fast, and allow precise adjustment after the building element is secured.

adjust ByggStik
Adjusting ByggStik is fast, and can be readjusted as connections are made final.

CLT with ByggStik
ByggStik is the best brace to use with heavy CLT panel construction.

Leveling with ByggStik
One handed operation allows one man to level building elements.

Setting with ByggStik
Fast, Safe, Accurate. So stop propping up your walls with 2x4s! Speed your installations with ByggStik.