WarmFörm FÖB!

Bygghouse hopes these sorts of images will not be worth posting in the near future, but commercializing a building technology, and the growing pains of a building product manufacturing and sales operation in North America is a thankless task!

So we’re happy to see these out the door!

When they get to the building site – the fast layout, and prefinished facing on the stem wall will provide a perfect insulated slab foundation, replacing the need to stake and form the slab, insulate and finish the stem wall – WarmFörm does all these in one go.  Just order WarmFörm, level and compact the base, layout the perimeter, add rebar and hydronic tubing – down to millimeter accuracy and place concrete:  you’re done.

Why not build your next slab foundation with WarmFörm:  operators are standing by to take your calls!