Change, innovation and new products in building and construction are notoriously difficult challenges.

Our vision is to provide a commercial service to bridge the building traditions that have evolved in North America and those that exist in Europe, especially Scandinavia, where the market has put a premium on energy performance and labor saving technology. We are fundamentally curious, enthusiastic and inquisitive people who love building. We approach construction as a technical and social activity. Our approach is unusual because we combine an ecologist’s view of systems with a builder’s common sense and apply these to the business challenge of construction products and services.

Our services run in two directions.

For companies in Europe:

We effectively provide the service of agent or representative. We’re different from most manufacturers representatives in that we are active students of how things work in Europe and we take the time to really appreciate and understand the issues. For many the time zones, travel, and cultural “stuff” can be to much trouble, but we see it as a great privilege to work with firms who may think in totally different ways and from different premises and primarily in a different language.

Companies that work with us can expect: loyalty; knowledge of the industry; a willingness to explain the why and how of the market here, quick response to suggestions; regular follow-up; and easy access to us any time. We take on your problems and work with with you to find sustainable markets solutions.

We can serve as a full time ongoing partner for your business, product or service, or we can be engaged to consult on a project by project basis, providing market intelligence, marketing plans, customer introductions, tours or other short term project work.

For companies in North America:

We consult and explain how and why things are not “business as usual” in Europe and why this presents interesting opportunities. The market demands and customer preferences in Europe are different and this leads to different solutions and new technology. There is a long history of solutions emerging in Europe and eventually finding not only a home but sizable market share in North America. Good examples of products that were first commercialized in Europe but are now common in North America are PEX plumbing & the 32 mm. system of cabinets. The resistance to both these products was once seemingly impossible, but both are now mainstays or our markets. Likewise, software, hardware and processes that are used in Europe today, are growth opportunities for commerce here.

We have arranged study tours, given lectures, and trade show talks that illustrate how things work “over there”.