Author: Greg La Vardera

New WarmFörm install happening in Maine

The second installation since the open offering of WarmFörm happened at the end of August, beginning of September in Maine. This is for a small vacation cabin on a small wooded site. The owner is a builder working for himself

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WarmFörm In (On) the Ground in WA

On the fourth of July holiday weekend I followed our WarmFörm order out to the construction site in Eastern Washington State to witness, advise, and photograph the installation.   Right now we are spending a non-trivial amount of time making

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WarmFörm info published at GBA, FHB

Those initials perhaps are insiders language for well known resources within the community of builders interested in quality and energy efficiency. Green Building Advisor, the green building website and resource, which is in turn owned by Fine Home Building magazine,

ByggHouse speaking at ABX2014 Expo

We’ve been invited by the North East Sustainable Energy Association to present at the Boston Society of Architect’s 2014 Conference on 28 October. I will be going to give a talk about the current state of home building and manufacturing

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ByggHouse site launch

We’ve just put our new website in place and now we have much content to post. Thank you for stopping by, and please sign up for our newsletter and keep a look out for updates here. We are going to

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