Author: Greg La Vardera

Nice WarmFörm install in PA

A customer in Pennsylvania is in progress with a very good quality install so we are sharing some images of the work underway.

Michigan WarmFörm project gets its slab

This week saw the concrete slab pour for a WarmFörm build in Michigan. Enjoy this beautiful video of the concrete work this past Monday. More photos of this WarmFörm installation can be seen in the project gallery.

WarmFörm FAQs

We received an email with some questions that are very common, and it seemed like sharing the answers could be helpful to others looking into WarmFörm for their projects. Ryan asked: • For utilities, are these generally set in the

ByggStik Wall Braces are the best tool for Panel Element Construction

ByggStik was developed specifically for working with high value building components and rapid building assembly. It is the perfect brace for SIPs, CLT, and other modern forms of construction. ByggHouse was at the recent Mass Wood Conference in Portland introducing

First WarmFörm Passive House Element installation

This WarmFörm slab in Ohio is our first installation of our new Passive House WarmFörm elements. This one features the 6″ vertical face to match with the house’s 6″ thick exterior insulation. More photographs are posted in the project album.

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New WarmFörm Elements with 4″, 6″, & 8″ Passive House facing

  We are preparing to introduce an expansion of the WarmFörm product offering – new face thicknesses to meet the demands of the Passive House standard. These new elements will be available in a 4″ face, 6″ face, and 8″

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Another new WarmFörm installation in NY

For this installation the customer is an experienced contractor trying WarmFörm for the first time. Located in the Catskills region of NY state, for this site they are avoiding digging down for a 48″ frost line.

WarmFörm making foundations in NY State

Concrete pour happening this day for another WarmFörm frost protected slab-on-grade in NY state.

WarmFörm graces South Dakota

A new WarmFörm installation in South Dakota for a large ranch style home. Owner and concrete subcontractor laid out and installed themselves for a smooth and painless insulated slab on grade. Feedback – the concrete guy loved this!

Updated WarmFörm face texture in the works

Our first runs of WarmFörm elements featured a smooth parged cement face, but its always been our intention to implement a textured face as used by the best manufacturer’s in Sweden. We are ironing out the kinks in our new

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