ByggHouse speaking at ABX2014 Expo


We’ve been invited by the North East Sustainable Energy Association to present at the Boston Society of Architect’s 2014 Conference on 28 October. I will be going to give a talk about the current state of home building and manufacturing in Sweden, and an overview of the history of technology transfer between Scandinavia and North America.

NESEA is a separate organization from the BSA, and is invited each year to fill out a program track in sustainable design for the BSA conference. I’m honored that NESEA has invited us back to Boston based on the positive reception of our talk at NESEA’s own conference back in March of 2014.


My presentation is an evolution of the talk both Scott and I have been giving at a number of conferences starting back in 2012. Its the best way to get an overview of the remarkable innovations in practice in Sweden, and the clear direction it reveals to us here in North America.

BSA’s Architecture Boston Expo